“History, Culture, Art, Philosophy and Religion in the Construction of East-West Civilizations”

History of humanity is an area of study on the traces of civilization. History, culture, art, philosophy and religion are among the components of the civilization. Civilization, on the one hand, is the founding element of the construction of civilization which provides meaning to the story of humankind. On the other hand, civilization shapes our perspective on human beings through history, culture, art, philosophy and religion. they are the founding elements of the civilization construction that shaped our perspective on existence and transformed into a style. These elements, which are the founders and bearers of the civilization, contribute to the reproduction of social formations of values, norms and rituals and the possibility of global peace. At the same time, these elements have witnessed of how peace is reflected in individual ideas and social relations, how it is transformed in the historical process, how today’s societies perceive peace and where global peace stands. It will allow scientific, artistic or intellectual pursuit aiming at the understanding and evaluation of hidden or obvious traces and making historical traces visible.

Apart from being a purely intellectual effort, another factor that makes this effort more meaningful is the quest and preparation process for today and for the future based on past experiences. Looking for the possibility of a new civilization for today and tomorrow as it was yesterday, the aim is to be a stand-point in the course of history from preeternity until posteternity.

It is the duty of the academy to search for a liberation prescription for humanity that encourages progress in the age of civilizations, conflicts and irregularities and to continue searching for a hope for tomorrow. With this motive in mind, it is an inevitable duty to rethink about civilization with a refreshing perspective.

Under the quest to pursue civilizational imagination, IV. International Symposium on Religious Studies and Global Peace will be organized by Turkey İmam Hatips Foundation (TIMAV) in the framework of main theme of our symposium: “History, Culture, Art, Philosophy and Religion in the Construction of East-West Civilizations”. The conference will take place on April 10–14th 2018 in Kazakhstan.

Academicians, teachers, students and NGO representatives who are interested in the conference may apply until January 30th, 2018.