It must include the purpose and result of the scientific research carried out or an oral presentations to be made. It must not be in compilation form.
Oral and poster abstracts (in not more than one page), it must be written in Turkish, Spanish or English in Microsoft Word files (.doc-docx) version. Abstracts, topic, underscore, the presenter participant’s name and surname (with a lowercase) should be submitted as the file name given (eg dinvesanat_varolbulut). Abstracts should not be in more than 500 words.

The title should include the following information:

a. Paper name
b. Author’s name -with the title
c. Author’s institution of work -Faculty and Department-
d. Contact informations(Correspondence address,telephone,Fax,e-mail)

*The articles will be accepted after two reviewers approval.

Summary Paper Writing rules

Oral Presentation Rules

Poster Presentation Rules

Page size A4 (29,7 x 21,0 cm)
Margins Above 2,5 cm, Down 2,5 cm, Left 3,0 cm, Right 2,5 cm
Font type Times New Roman
Line Gap Title and text should be single spaced
Heading Centered, single-spaced, 12 pt, bold and first letter of the words should be written in capital letter (However taxonomic categories should be written in italics).. Do not use abbreviations. The title should not be in more than 2 lines.
Authors Centered, single-spaced, 10 point font, the author’s name and surname (s) must be written in full.The presenter’s name and surname must be underlined. Authors’ names should be noted with academic titles.
Address Centered, single-spaced, 10 pt different address superscript (1, 2, …) and it must be clearly stated. City names must be written in capital letters. At the end of address there is no need to add “Turkey”. Only e-mail of the authors should be given as correspondence.
Headings Titles ‘Purpose’, ‘Materials and / or Methods’, ‘Results’, ‘Result and Discussion’ and including ‘Keywords’ should consist of five sections.İt should not contain the sub-title. İt should not contain more than 5 keywords. ‘Thanks’ section is optional and must not exceed 3 lines. ‘Refrences’ should not be in the title. Title should be written in 10 points and bold.
Main Paper İt should be written in single spaced, 10 point font. Text must not contain tables and figures. ‘Materials and Methods’ section should not be longer than ‘Results’ section
The number of characters The number of words in the whole text must not exceed 500.

Oral presentation must contain the purpose and result of scientific research. It should not be in compilation form.
Total devoted time for each presenter is 20 minutes. Presentation should not exceed the given time limit. İn the presentation after explaining materials and the methods in a quick time, the significant portion of presentation such as result, conclusions and discussion should be mentioned.

Posters must include the purpose and result of the scientific research carried out. It should not be in compilation form.
Summary prepared according to the rules of writing abstracts must be submitted separately.

Posters should be 60cm x 100cm in size (vertical-Portrait).
Posters title should be all in capital letters and bold font with 60 points and centered from left to right.
Just below the title of the author (s) name only initial letters should be written in capital, black and bold and centered from left to right.
The university, faculty and department name should be written in 20 point font and centered from left to right below one line.
Poster text should start with the purpose of the research.
Figures, graphics and images can be placed in poster text.
The smallest font size used in Posters (except the resources section) should be 20 points.
İn all posters, Arial or Times New Roman font and clear background color should be preferred for the ease of reading.
Photocopy will be brought by presenters.