TİMAV is the abbreviation of the Foundation of Turkey Imam Hatips. When TİMAV was founded in Konya in 1994, the foundation aimed to put most of its effort into issues related to Imam Hatip Schools and also support all kinds of good services within its power not just in some areas but in all parts of Turkey. The name of this community (Imam Hatips) was chosen as the title, and the foundation was established as a result of extensive and long consultations.

We must stress the fact that TİMAV is not an alternative to any other foundations, on the contrary, it is a foundation that is willing to cooperate with those foundations which have the same goals as TİMAV. Our only goal is to make it easier for Imam Hatip graduates, members, and those who support Imam Hatips to meet, bond, and support each other.


With the idea that reading is understanding and making sense, TİMAV decided to bring together those who seek science and wisdom at the Science and Wisdom Research Center (İLHAM) to read together. In line with this decision, regular seminars were organized under the titles of Human and Civilization Readings, Religion and Education Readings, Theology Readings for university students in our courses, the first of which was held in 2011, and our expert academicians and educators gave lectures on extra-curricular subjects for our students.

The point to be taken into consideration in these lessons is to equip our young people who will build our tomorrow with academic knowledge without forgetting about life and share theoretical and practical information with our students without neglecting both fields.




As TIMAV, our International Religious Studies and Global Peace Symposium series, which we organize to increase the quality in the fields of religious education and religious studies, which are among the main fields of work of our foundation, to support scientific studies and to produce scientific studies, will continue with the name of “International Religious Studies and Humanities Symposium”.

The details of the past years of our symposium, which we, as TİMAV, attach particular importance to, carry out with sensitivity, and that we care for the continuity of the scientific and cultural heritage of humanity, and which we have held with the participation of hundreds of academicians from dozens of countries, are given below:

1. International Symposium on Religious Studies and Global Peace, Konya/Turkey, 2013.

2. International Symposium on Religious Studies and Global Peace, Sarajevo/Bosnia and Herzegovina, 2016.
“The Role of NGOs in The Establishment of Peace”

3. International Symposium on Religious Studies and Global Peace, Sevilla/Spain, 2017.
“Civilization and the Culture of Living Together”

4. International Symposium on Religious Studies and Global Peace, Shymkent/Kazakhstan, 2018.
“History, Culture, Art, Philosophy, and Religion in the building of Eastern-Western Civilizations”

5. International Symposium on Religious Studies and Global Peace, Mardin/Turkey, 2019
“Shared Values and Differences in Society-Individual Dilemma”

6. International Religious Studies and Humanities Symposium
“Change, Continuity, and Sustainability in the Axis of Ethics and Conscience in Extraordinary Periods”

7th. Symposium On Humanities and Religious Studies, Konya/Türkiye
What Kind of a Future Awaits?