Timav is the short form of Turkey Imam Hatips Vakıf.While establishing TIMAV in the year 1994, it primarily and specially aimed at craving only the overtime major problems of Imam hatips extending itself to support all the other good sevice opportunities undertaken by the sevitude across Turkey.It also occur in the starting of the name of organisation and was founded as a result of broad and long consultations.

İt is to state here by underlining an offer that: TIMAV is not an alternative to any foundation or association, on the contrary, on this way all our effortful founders are ready every moment to work for cooperation and with all the solidarity organisations .Our unique aim is to bring İmam Hatip graduates ,members and friends together for the introduction, transculturation, group solidarity and seek to articulate similar thinking and speech on the same topic from them.


TIMAV with the thinking , to study is to understand and to give the meaning, decided to again agglomerate knowledge and wisdom seekers back together at the Knowledge and Research Centre to study.In the year 2011, because of that decision, the seminars were arranged for the university students for the first time under the headings, Human and civilisation studies ,Religion and Education studies and Divinity studies in our course and expert on the respective field gave the lectures beyond the curriculum to our students.

The point of special attention in this course, is to equip our youth to build the world of tomorrow with academic knowledge without separating from life, both theoretical and practical knowledge is shared with our students without any neglect.