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The existence of extraordinary periods in nature and human life just as the ordinary periods are researched and evaluated by natural sciences, health sciences, social sciences, educational sciences, and sports sciences. Just as nature has a comprehensive strategy of survival, there are also strategies and solutions developed by humanity to maintain its existence in the historical process. Throughout human history, natural disasters, epidemics, and wars based on economic competition have been experienced in different ages and periods, and humanity has tried to find ways to manage them correctly. The whole world experienced 2020 as an extraordinary year in which the Covid-19 virus threatened mankind biologically, socially, and psychologically and pushed its personal and social lifestyle into a great unknown. In times like this, and others that push mankind into fear and hesitation, new analyzes and solutions in philosophy, theology, sociology, anthropology, psychology, politics, economy, law, communication, technology, ecology, ethics, etc. are needed for its generic continuity.

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Main Titles

  • Tradition, Modernism, and Human
  • Changing Search for Truth and “New Human”
  • People of Future, Bioethics, and Neurotheology
  • Transhumanism and Consciousness of Death
  • Continuity or Sustainability
  • Sustainability of Morality
  • The Changing World and the Transformation of Religious Understandings
  • Alienation, Morality, and Conscience
  • Chaos, Crisis, and Change
  • Changing Values in the Pandemic Society
  • Pandemic Society, New symptoms of Human and Global World
  • Extraordinary Periods in Islamic History
  • Natural Disasters, Pandemics, Famines and the Attitudes of Muslims to These in Islamic History
  • Invasion Attempts against the Islamic World (Crusades, Mongolian Invasion)
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The sixth symposium will be held online due to the ongoing global pandemic.

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The Sixth symposium will be

held online due to the ongoing

global pandemic.