Call For Papers

We live in an age where knowledge, life, and culture are updated and redetermined. We currently experience a period in which the multi-choice options about the definition of humanity, its function, and even nature is so apparent for the first time in the history of mankind. Concepts such as faith, knowledge, science, individual, society, education, politics, and so on are all being updated and put into a new frame. We can cite two reasons for that, the first is the need for globalization and individualization to be updated and renewed.

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Main Titles

  • Values And Socialization
  • Ideology Of Education and Its Cultural Roots in Local and Global Systems
  • Popular Culture, Global Culture, And Local Possibilities in Building the Future
  • Sociological Dimension of Education
  • The Opportunities of Building an Equal Future for Social Classes
  • Designing The Future, Utopia, Dystopia, And Science-Fiction.
  • Metaverse, Transformation of Future and Education
  • Online Models to Produce Manpower and The Possibility of New Models
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Face to face and online participation.

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Face to face and online participation.